Just a quick posing guide to get started with the proposed alley cat breed specific pose. This can work with any breed as long as your pet has the alley scp .

An overall breakdown of what we're looking for:
Head alignment: a straight on, level appearance
Back arch and a raised tail: lets face it, alley tails can be wild so the curve can get weird at the top
Foot alignment: looking at the back toes to be lined up and the wrists to be in the lowered position causing the paws to be level with each other.

This gif shows the difference between the resting paw position and what could be considered an "overpose"
the side swings are an increase in their "snarl" (The nose pulls back and the head moves down and up to the side) with carnegie here you can see the nose balls shifting and breaking up his stripe, his hackles raise more while his front paws lift off the ground and the rear paws shift in position.

With variations in feet you can often use the wrists and how far they disappear behind the first leg to see if theyre in a raised position. and these are the foundationals! also, if you're in a position judging a bunch of perfect poses consider using the tongue alignment as a tie breaker!

Reference images for mixies

Ive included some gifs of different catz hissing and stills of the best point i could find in them several of these petz were generously lent to me for reference use by Elizabeth@Mythic Silence and Megan@Oasis alongside others in the petz life discord who gave me immensely useful feedback while i bounced ideas off everyone and all are posed in the incredibly helpful pose room made by Ratqueen