Take an adorable souvenir with you before you go!

All petz shown at age 100
Tea/HK is my prefix
Feel free to brex, gender swap and name change!
MPA, return or delete if no longer wanted
Bows are not an indicator of gender I just think theyre cute lol
OW's that may be in use

Personality Legend:

RED - Spicy (BWS/Alley Cat)
LAVENDER - Sweet (Chinchi/Persian)
ORANGE - Timid (Oshie)
PINK - Finicky (Poodle/Siamese)
BLACK - Other

One per litter please (but overall no limits) for the first 7 days then open to seconds!

**If you are using Discord for your contact please note if you're set to private and we dont have mutual servers I wont be able to DM you so please reach out to me on Discord when you submit an application if this is the case!**