I love experimenting with OW's and all the variations they give so heres a list of the OW's you may find in my crew and adoptions and where to get them!


Little Ear Oshie
Textured Oshie

Cargo Petz

Smoke & Tabby Maine Coon (External Textures)
Bicolor BWS
Dalico Dali
Showcoat Poodle (External Textures)
Eyefluff Sheepdog
Tortie Oshie
Patchy Cali


Phantasm Frosted Tabby

Black Mist Crittery

Mutating Spots Alley Cat

Waveryly Academy

Pinto's Munchkin


Lida's Pitbull
Lida's Doberman
Lida's St Bernard
Lida's Akita

Middle Night

Bobtail Calico

OW's without website links and where I found the files

Toto's Halfie Calico (Petz Life Discord)
Sharon's Dali Spotted RB (Petz Life Discord)
Flummery's Persian (Petz Archive Discord)
Atticus' Alternate Spot Dali (Petz Life Discord)
XXTreme Spots Dali (Petz Life Discord)
Sharon's AWDali (Petz Life Discord)
Moonarcle Leopard Shepherd (Petz Life Discord)
APKC Saddle Dali (Petz Life Discord)
Snooker Dali OW (RKC)