Once youve completed a bingo tag me in the main thread under your link and collect your prizes!

+For each Bingo you may select two bred or one hexed/brexed pet+

Bingo #:

Adoption Rules:

Please return any hexed/brexed petz.
If you change your mind about a bred pet while the event is still active just send me a message saying youre deleting them and i'll make them available to others again! after the event is over please refer to the breeder's rules!

All petz are zipped with the textures I was given by the creators of the files if they were needed - if any are missing or are not showing correctly please check with the person who made the file!


Blazebeak - Hot Bath - Quackferno - Quackmire - Scorchwing - Scaly Suds
Dragon Ducks hexed by Audaxity

Bardugo - Maas - Pratchett - Rothfuss - Sanderson
Bookworms hexed by Milktea (Requires Kizmet's P4 Scottish Fold)

Grass Seeds - Name Tag - Raw Cod
Minecraft Kitties hexed by Shortbread

Fermina - Juvenal - Florentino
Love in the Time of Cholera Dalis hexed by Kieran

Ash - Anwen - Arlo - Alouette - Auden - Adeline
SGCh Marsepein x Stratus litter brexed by Tea

Coal - Iron - Stone - Nickel - Onyx
Stone Dalis bred by Tea

Colton - Marco - Damon - Rocky - Knox - Tye
Mixie Litter bred by Shade

Bracken - Drake - Oliver - Tiger - Dimple - Midnight
Mixie Litter bred by Shade

Landon - Christian - Maxwell - Edward - Amir - Gavin
Mixie Litter bred by Shade

Alternative - Arena - Blank - Sympathy Like - Two Poles
Danes bred by Arie

Checker - Paisley - Pinstripe - Gingham - Plaid - Tartan
Refresh x Dame Litter bred by Shortbread

Tea Wallpaper Pack made by Tea

Cozy Fireside Read Playscene made by Tea (Shows up in Custom Scenes)


Crispy - Chilly - Cloudy - Comfy - Cozy - Crunchy
Autumn Tree MCs hexed by Shortbread

Floria - Control - Whitby
Southern Reach Danes hexed by Kieran

Feyre - Rhysand - Tamlin
ACOTAR Dalis hexed by Kieran

Fermina - Florentino - Lorenzo - Juvenal
Love in the Time of Cholera Danes hexed by Tea

Blanco - Kep - Flo - Murray - Reveille
Lad - Fly - Silverton - Lassie - Mackenzie
Smooth Collies (OW) bred by Dew

His Dark Materials - Samphire Song - Scary Stories for Young Foxes - The Lionboy - Whiskers in the Dark
SGCh Magdalen x Aneba litter bred by Simplearcticfoxes

Dominic - Kevin - Lincoln - Haye - Cooper - Rey
Mixie Litter bred by Shade

Theo - Wesley - Levi - Hern - Ronin - Milo
Mixie Litter bred by Shade

Lark - Peanut - Ginko - Trumpet - Flint - Carpus
Mixie Litter bred by Shade

Paws and Books Wallpaper Pack made by Tea


Fantasy - Mystery - Picture Book - Romance - Science Fiction
Mugs hexed by Milktea

Howl - Sophie - Calcifer
Howl's Moving Castle Pug (Pinto's dachshund OW) hexed by Kieran

Anya - Josie - Lena - Cass
Southern Reach Oshies hexed by Tea

Blush - Cerulean - Daisy - Indigo
Ivory - Lilac - Rosa - Sanguine
ACOTAR Poodles hexed by Kiwi

Brood War - Butts - Large Percentage - Moment - Teachers Pet
Persians bred by Arie

Baguette - Brioche - Ciabatta - Sourdough - Rye
Bread Dalis bred by Tea

Annie - Kobi - Stella - Johanna - Amode - Berline
Mixie Litter bred by Shade

Jacob - Elias - Andrew - Trevor - Isaac - Merph
Mixie Litter bred by Shade

Moody Book Paintings made by Arie

Stacks of books to play with made by Dew



Calcifer - Lettie - Howl - Sophie
Howl's Moving Castle Aussies (OW) hexed by Tea

Skydancer - Meerclar - Goldeneye
Tailchaser's Song RBs hexed by Kieran

Darkrose - Palethorn - Vanity - Ebony - Scarlet - Spikestem
Rose Garden Oshies hexed by Silverfish

Cocoa - Muddy Buddy - Marshmallow - Neapolitan - Pinwheel - Smore
Chocopuff Danes hexed by Dew (Cargo's puffy dane base)

Fencewalker - Quiverclaw - Thinbone - Hearteater
Tailchaser's Song BWS hexed by Tea

Kylee - Mivian - Dolly - Sahara - Blossom - Gloriosa
Mixie Litter bred by Shade

Bianca - Bluebell - Bryla - Camie - Lantana - Selene
Mixie Litter bred by Shade

Acrobat - Bandwagon - Cordelisse - Ringmistress - Sideshow
8th Gen NIB SGCh Parents & Grandparents litter bred by Szmantha

As Green As Grass - Emma - Evelyn Hugo - Legends and Lattes - Requiem For A Wren - The Duke and I
Corren x Marvelous litter bred by Shortbread

Duo Tone Wallpaper Pack made by Tea

Complementary shelves for your book stacks also made by Dew!